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Kate Bush

I was asked to do a painting of Kate Bush for an exhibition at the Strand Gallery in London for the She-Bop-A-Lula Exhibition, the theme being iconic women singers. The exhibition features over 60 photographs of some of the most successful and creative women singers from the last six decades.

There are just two paintings to feature in the exhibition, Kate Bush by myself and Barbara Streisand by Sally Munton both to be auctioned for the charity Breakthrough (for breast cancer).

I wanted an idea that would be totally different from the usual standard portrait so I came up with the concept of three canvas’s, the main canvas in the middle being Kate Bush’s face. I always remember seeing her in videos swaying and waving her arms around, pulling her hands across her face. Hence the two other canvas’s top and bottom. I thought that if I did her full body it would loose the impact and so decided to just paint the hands for which we associate with her lulling movements. I wanted to get a soulful look to her face, to depict the themes of her songs, in fact as I was painting her face she seemed to take over and evolve with little effort from myself!

If you wish to make a bid for the painting please contact Dede Millar on 07956329100.


Height 56cm
Width 73cm
Depth 2.5cm
Medium Oils
Surface Canvas