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Bruno & Louie

This is a painting I did for a couple who wanted a special gift for a friend who lives in America.


"Tony was delighted with the painting as we thought . . . he was thrilled and proceeded to go around the room (full of our European customers) and explain which dog was which, why his tongue was hanging out etc etc . . . .. he wouldn’t even part with it and made one of his staff carry it on the plane home to the USA, rather than take the risk of us packaging and shipping it over!!!!

His wife cried when she saw it and it has taken pride of place on their wall in the kitchen, it fits right in. Tony even called me personally to thank me for getting it done, explaining how life like it was, like having them actually in the room with you and when they are gone (!) they will still be there – you know what I mean."

As you can imagine I was pretty pleased with myself as this is the first pet portrait I have done in oils!


Height 40cm
Width 60cm
Depth 2cm
Medium Oils