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I decided to try to create an abstract after being inspired by a very interesting talk during the NSA Friday Group. After painting the base colour and dropping bits of colour in here and there I decided perhaps I was not cut out for abstract painting after all! I left it on my easel to dry. When dry I added pen marks around the shapes but still totally dissatisfied I thought I would leave it on the easel to dry and paint over later. During this time my husband kept walking past, stopping to look at it, puzzling over it to eventually remark 'I recognise this!' How could you I said, it's out of my head! No, he said, it reminds me of ariel views of the trenches in the WWI battlefields. Really! I said, and he proceeded to print off a few photos of shots taken from the air of the battlefields. The marks were indeed very similar to the photos and so I developed the paintings to depict the aftermath of these battles.


Height 60cm
Width 80cm
Depth 3cm
Medium Acrylics